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Volunteer Opportunities

Join the Piedmont Opera OPERAtors, the volunteer arm of Piedmont Opera. Members are a diverse, talented, dedicated group who participate in a wide variety of activities to support the Opera and promote its growth. OPERAtors enjoy insider experiences by volunteering and participating in our productions and  special events.

Join the Piedmont Opera OPERAtors – 
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Annual Dues:

Active Membership – $25 Individual – $50 Couple
Sustaining Membership – $125 Individual – $180 Couple

Activities and Projects

As a member, you can enjoy “insiders'” experiences by volunteering and participating in:

  • Productions

  • Special Events, including Met HD Broadcasts

  • Educational Programs

  • Fundraising and Membership Drives

  • Guest Artist Hospitality, including cast suppers

  • Assisting the Opera Staff and Board

  • Quarterly Meetings with “Behind the Scenes” guest speakers

  • Fun and Fellowship

  • …and so much more!


“The OPERAtors are a fantastic group…the OPERAtors make it possible for us to have the best small regional opera company in the country on a modest budget. And they always seem to have great fun doing it. Join now and get to know opera from the inside! You’ll be glad you did.”
                                         Frank Dickerson, Former Executive Director, Piedmont Opera

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