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Meet the Cast of The Italian Girl in Algiers

Abducted by pirates, looking – in vain, it seems – for her lover, soon to be forced to become part of a harem, Isabella is someone who has the right to sing the blues, or at least the nineteenth-century Italian equivalent. But, as a strong women of opera, she reminds us that no man, however powerful, could possibly out-wit an intelligent woman.

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Isabella, the strong Italian woman who outwits the majority of men she encounters – Aleks Romano

Mustafà, the Bey of Algiers and owner of a harem – Brian Bannon

Lindoro, the man who waits patiently for his girlfriend, Isabella, to rescue him – Norman Shankle

Elvira, the Bey’s beleaguered wife, first lady of the land – Megan Cleaveland


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