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A wonderful opportunity!


From the Editorial Section of The Winston-Salem Journal

A wonderful opportunity

I would like to congratulate the Piedmont Opera on its fine production of “The Magic Flute” (“’Magic Flute’ is glorious finale to opera season,” March 15). This was the first opera for my 7-year-old daughter, Piper, and we attended the Sunday matinee.

The costumes and sets were enchanting and the performers shone in their dramatic interpretation and singing ability. We both especially loved the Queen of the Night’s performance (played by Brittany Robinson), so imagine our excitement when she appeared at the Dragon Slayer and Princess Children’s Party immediately following the matinee. Piper secured the Queen’s autograph while I snapped a photo.

I am grateful to the company for creating an opportunity to introduce children to an art form that can be challenging even to adults. Bravo, Piedmont Opera!


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