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Our Board

Piedmont Opera's Board works to raise the profile of the company. Their dedicated service generates strong community ties in the entertainment, education, and social segments of the Greater Triad area.

Board Members



Hannah Appel

Vicky Auchincloss

Chip Baxter

Jonathan Burdette

Stewart Carter

Jim Creamer

Frank Dickerson

Phyllis Dunning

Suzanne Glass

Dylan Greenwood

Jessica Good

Nancy Gwyn

Ed Hanes, Jr.

Suzanne Hill

Miaohua Jiang

Jennifer Lenchik

George Little

Eileen Major

Reggie Mathis

Melinda McConnell

Paula McCoy

Lynn Michael

Robin Miller

Rick Moss

Ched Neal

Mark Nelson

Jessica Norby

Phillip Oakley

Tamar Pandi

Lara Patterson

Gordon Peterson

Kate Reece

Barbara Raffaldini

Beverly Robinson

Cynthia Rothschild

Ashley Rusher

Ben Schroeder

Jill Stricklin

Dennis Toivonen

Ricky Touchstone

Drew Veach

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