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Piedmont OPERA at the movies

Piedmont Opera continues its community partnership with a/perture cinema.

(a/perture cinema / 311 West 4th Street / Winston-Salem, NC 27101)

Tuesday, March 8 at 7:00 PM

tickets here.


Director: Miloš Forman Run Time: 155 min. Rating: PG Release Year: 1981

Starring: Brad Dourif, Elizabeth McGovern, Howard Rollins, Mary Steenburgen, Moses Gunn

A kaleidoscope of tales from E.L. Doctorow’s eponymous novel evokes life in pre-World War I New York City. A white family find a black baby in their yard and takes on the mother as a maid. A black pianist, Coalhouse Walker Jr. (Howard E. Rollins Jr.), returns for his woman and child after finding success in a Harlem jazz band. Firefighters, dismayed to see a black man own a Model-T Ford, deface it, and Walker demands retribution. The white family becomes involved in Evelyn Nesbit’s trial.

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