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Piedmont Opera is holding general auditions for chorus and comprimario singers for its 2024-25 season and beyond.  Auditions will be held on Saturday, May 11 at Calvary Moravian Church, 600 Holly Avenue.

Piedmont Opera is well known for the excellence of its chorus.  Guest stage directors from far and wide are always impressed by the quality, caliber and professionalism of this ensemble.  Of the chorus’ recent performance in Verdi’s Il Trovatore, they were praised by Joseph Newsom in Voix des Arts, saying “the choristers lent each of their appearances dramatic significance and musical excellence.”

Those interested in auditioning should prepare several selections, preferably from operatic repertoire.  Auditioners will also be asked to sightread a short melody, and read text in several languages.  Please bring sheet music.  A pianist will be provided to accompany.

To schedule an audition, please contact Michele Hartle at with the subject "General Auditions" or call 336-725-7101.  


Atrium Wake Forest Voice Center Logo[35298].png

Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Voice and Swallowing Center is the official provider of medical services for Piedmont Opera performers.

The performing voice requires expert understanding and specialized care. At Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Voice and Swallowing Center, we are the Triad’s only multidisciplinary Voice Center in the region providing state-of-the-art evaluation and treatment of the performing voice.


Illness, injury, or subtle changes may impact the speaking or singing voice. We are uniquely trained to diagnose these changes and develop an individualized treatment plan to help you achieve optimal vocal recovery. Our team understands the demands of the performing voice and its vital role in your livelihood, your identity, and your artistic integrity.


Specialized Expertise

Our patients include professional actors, singers, instrumentalists, agents, stage producers, directors, narrators, public speakers, and professional voice users across varying performing art mediums. Symptoms of a voice disorder may include hoarseness/raspiness, changes to singing voice quality, range, stamina, or control in registers, increased effort in singing or speaking, vocal fatigue, voice loss, throat discomfort or pain, and chronic throat clearing.


Our Team

We are a team of highly specialized laryngologists, Dr. Lyndsay Madden and Dr. Carter Wright – ear, nose and throat (ENT) physicians with advanced fellowship medical training in voice disorders. Our team also includes clinical singing and speaking voice specialists, Annalize Sussman, Amy Morris, and Kathryn Ruckart—speech-language pathologists with extensive training in professional singing and the performing voice. As a collaborative medical team, we bring excellence, compassion, and a performer’s perspective to meet your unique needs and return you to the stage.

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