Opera Endowment Giving

Opera Endowment Giving

Why Endowment Matters

Endowment donations are investments in Piedmont Opera’s future… An opportunity to invest in our long term goals, in perpetuity. What makes endowment gifts important is their permanence. Through wise investment and stewardship, these gifts maintain their purchasing power year after year.

The Facts

What is an endowment?
An endowment is made up of gifts and bequests, with the principal kept intact in perpetuity and invested to create a growing source of income. Piedmont Opera’s endowments are comprised of funds contributed by donors over time. The endowment grows through additional gifts, income, and capital appreciation.

Who oversees Piedmont Opera’s endowments?
Piedmont Opera currently has two endowment funds our supporters can invest in. There is the Norman Johnson Endowment for Piedmont Opera through the Winston-Salem Foundation and the Frank and Susan Dickerson Fund for Piedmont Opera through the Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County. The Board of Directors maintains fiduciary responsibility for the company’s endowments, with the Finance Committee overseeing investment strategy. The committee is made up of professionals who have knowledge of financial markets and the best long term interests of Piedmont Opera in mind.

What are our investment objectives?
Piedmont Opera seeks to achieve a competitive total return on its endowment assets to meet our annual income requirements and at the same time generate long-term growth of the endowments.

How to contribute to our endowments?
All gifts to our endowment funds should be made directly to Piedmont Opera who would submit the donations to either the Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County or the Winston-Salem Foundation. For inquiries, please contact our Director of Development, Piers Clarkson, at (336)725-1701 or pclarkson@piedmontopera.org.