Opera in Schools

Each year, Piedmont Opera and the A.J. Opera Institute travel to schools across North Carolina to give students a taste of opera while teaching important moral lessons. The opera is performed by graduate level students of the A.J. Fletcher Opera Institute of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Students are working on professional degrees in opera and many of them have performed with professional opera companies throughout the United States. The cost of this performance is $150 per performance. Contact Piedmont Opera to schedule this event at your school.

The 2016-17 children’s opera will be Jack and the Beanstalk. Click here to read more about the performance.

Living in poverty with his mother, Jack sells the family cow to a mysterious dustman for a handful of beans. When he returns home and shows his mom the scrawny seeds, she throws them out a window in
despair. The beans, of course, take root, and in the moonlight a magical stalk grows to the sky. Discovering the beanstalk and climbing it, as any boy hero would, Jack finds himself in the castle of a very large oaf and his kindly, but haggard, wife. Learning that this giant has taken his father’s golden hen, Jack, with the help of the Giant’s wife, stealthily takes it back. The Giant, in pursuit of Jack, receives a bump on the head
after falling from the beanstalk, causing him to forget he’s supposed to be “bad.” Realizing all the trouble he’s caused, the Giant resolves to behave well, agreeing that consideration for others requires people large
and small to treat other people as they would want to be treated.

Check back later for more information on the traveling opera for the 2017-2018 season.

For information or to schedule the traveling opera, please contact Jen Rimes at 336.725.7101 or jrimes@piedmontopera.org.

Once you reserve a date, Piedmont Opera will contact you to confirm the following:
1. That your school has a piano available for this performance. (required)
2. The time of your school’s performance (mornings only). Each performance will last approximately 35 minutes, followed by a question and answer period.
3. The type of room where the performance will take place. (a stage is not required)
4. The grade levels of the attending students. No more than 350 students per performance please. We can book multiple performances at one school in a morning.
5. That a microphone will be available for the question and answer period after the performance. (optional)
After this information is confirmed, Piedmont Opera will send you educational materials that you can use to prepare the students for a fun operatic experience.